Some tips to secure your data

By developing the technology, more and more information is being shared on the internet. Individuals release their information in different social networks and even let the mobile app to have access to their data. But, have you ever think about that what would be the consequences of data sharing?

I am going to talk more about this issue later including different examples, but at the moment, I want to provide some simple tips which helps you to increase the security and privacy level.

  1. Always check the sender address before opening a file attached in an email or a link in the Email.
  2. Read more and more about phishing scams – all the links won’t take you to the right places.
  3. Need to download an app?!! Just download the apps from trusted sites such as Play store or App store.
  4. Never root or jailbreak your mobile device.
  5. Connect to public Wi-fi if it is necessary. They are not that safe as you think.


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